Tips to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

Tips to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

We all have that one space in our home that wish was a little bit bigger. Whether it is a bedroom or a living room, there’s often not much we can do to the actual square footage of the given area without committing to a large scale renovation or putting up a for sale sign. However, there are a few design hacks that will give you the illusion of a larger space. Our team at Ideal Home Furnishings put together a list of ways to make some of a home’s key rooms feel more spacious. Keep in mind there are some tips that are universal for every space, such as keeping clutter to a minimum, using mirrors, and sticking with clean lines for your overall design. Follow these key steps and your smallest space will suddenly become much more roomy.


Your larger bedroom is only a few design tricks away! Get rid of bulky nightstands and replace them with one or two floating shelves to keep your space feeling airy. And, don’t use that precious shelving space for bedside lamps. Instead, hang pendant lighting on either side of your bed for maximum efficiency. You can also keep the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom looking light by replacing a heavy headboard with something see-through like a wrought iron design.


That big, luxurious ensuite is usually something we dream about. If we are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom in our home, we’re often stuck with a second smaller one. Get the most out these tiny spaces by using a clear glass partition for your shower or sticking to clear glass doors for your tub. If you have the opportunity to change your bathroom vanity than go with a pedestal style that leaves more of your bathroom floor exposed. And, always keep your bath mat stored away unless you’re using it. Having a bath mat on a small bathroom floor will make your floor feel like it has less surface area.

Living Room

One of the best ways to make your living room feel airy and light is to stick to one colour throughout the space and use different shades of the tone. Monochromatic colour palettes don’t only look sophisticated, but they also trick the eye into making a space look much larger. If you have curtains in your living room be sure that they are the same colour as your walls for an uninterrupted presentation, and don’t forget to wall mount your TV – you’ll save yourself some major real estate in your living room by doing so!


To get your kitchen looking it’s most spacious place your focus on the cabinets. Start by painting your cabinets to match your walls. Any stark contrast will only make the area feel stuffy. Take your cabinet revamp a step further and replace solid cabinet doors with glass – even if only replace a few you will immediately feel the benefits of this space-enhancing swap. Lastly, keep kitchen accessories to a minimum, and try incorporating slim-styled seating into your space (think: simple bar stools without a back).

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