Mantel Decor | Decorating a mantel to last all year long

Mantel Decor | Decorating a mantel to last all year long

‘Tis the season for mantel holiday décor! Garland, twinkling lights, and reindeer are sure to be popping up on a mantel near you, but how do you decorate this fireplace frame to last all year long? Our team at Ideal Home Furnishings put together a list of tips that will help keep your mantel looking beautiful for the other 11 months of the year. Your mantel is destined to become a celebrated new focal point in your home once you check out our timeless approaches below!

An artful display

You really can’t go wrong with one beautiful piece of art hanging just above your mantel. If you take this route, make sure the piece is approximately 2/3 the length of the mantel and is something that you will love to see every day. Add some complementing accessories in a similar colour palette for a pulled together look.

Stay stylish with a mirror

If you can’t decide on a piece of art for your space than think about anchoring your mantel with a mirror. A mirror will add depth to your room and depending on the frame you choose, it will also add design flair. Keep the mirror frame colour or finish in mind when choosing any additions to your mantel presentation. Ensuring everything is the same tone will give you the most professional looking results.

The golden rule of three

Whether you are decorating above or directly on your mantel you always need to remember the rule of three. If you’re grouping numerous items together, you’ll want to keep them in odd numbered grouping for visual balance. Think: three frames, three vases, or even a mismatch of accessories – whichever you choose, just make sure it’s a trio!

Add a traditional touch with symmetry

Sometimes a little classic styling is just what a space needs. Decorating your mantel with symmetry in mind will give you this effect. Achieve the look by placing one large element in the middle of your mantel (a large vase or framed piece), then balance it on either side with a few accessories that mirror each other.

Consider going minimal

Choosing to add minimalist décor to your mantel is a great way to keep your space looking modern and clutter-free. If you’re craving some open wall space and a clean finish than this direction is sure to appeal to you. No need for any statement art for this design approach – all you need is a few simple accessories that are placed together and tie into the theme of your space.

Whichever design style you ultimately choose to take, be sure to visit our team at Ideal Home Furnishings to help you find the perfect furniture in Edmonton to go along with it. Our expansive furniture showroom is filled with gorgeous options for your living room, bedroom, and beyond! Schedule an appointment with our professional designer team to help with all your home furnishing and design needs – including customized pieces to suite your Edmonton home and garden!