5 HGTV Shows you MUST Watch if You're Looking to Redecorate

5 HGTV Shows you MUST Watch if You're Looking to Redecorate

If you’re looking for some insight and inspiration for your next home redecorating project then look no further than your TV! One of our favourite past times is watching the incredibly entertaining and information rich programs on HGTV. Here are our top five show picks from HGTV that are sure to you’re your next home project a kick-start!

Love it or List it Vancouver


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Are you struggling with the decision of whether or not to sell your home? You’re not alone! In each episode, Love it or List it Vancouver features interior designer, Jillian Harris, and realtor, Todd Talbot, trying to convince a homeowner to either stay in their redecorated/renovated home or move into a new space. Watch this to see Jillian Harris offer some outstanding design advice on how to achieve a revamped space on a budget – plus, you’ll get a kick from the creative chemistry of the two talented leads!

House of Bryan


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We can always count on Bryan Baeumler to give us comfort in the fact that a home project can sometimes take longer than expected. Even the smallest home redecorating project can seem like a daunting task, but House of Bryan will give you the confidence you need to get started and not feel defeated if you hit an obstacle along the way. Hey, if a professional like Bryan struggles with his home renovation project then it’s ok if we do too.

Fixer Upper


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We love a good fixer-upper – and this show! Get your creative juices flowing and discover great tips to help solve your home’s design and layout problems. The show stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, an adorable husband and wife duo that make Fixer Upper a delight to watch. Check out this show to see some beautiful home transformations and stunning home furnishing inspiration.

Masters of Flip


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Another husband and wife team are on our must-watch list, but this time they’re working to cash in on flipping a home. This show offers some great excitement and also a ton of fantastic ideas on how to redecorate your home in a price conscious way. Masters of Flip will give you a lesson on how to manage a tight budget, without having to sacrifice on the wow-factor of your home décor.

Home to Win


INSTAGRAM// hgtvcanada

When it comes to designer dream houses, the dream doesn’t get much bigger than the home in this series! HGTV’s biggest stars came together to collaborate on one incredible home project - and it’s awe-inspiring. If you’re out of ideas for the direction you want to take in your next home redecorating project then use this show as a design and décor encyclopedia. Sit back, relax, and take note of some genius ideas from Sarah Richardson, Tommy Smythe, Paul Lafrance, and Mike Holmes – just to name a few.

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