Home Reno 101 | Tips for taking on a home renovation

Home Reno 101 | Tips for taking on a home renovation

At Ideal Home Furnishings we know going into your first home renovation can be a little scary. Whether it’s a small space you’re planning to conquer or an entire home overhaul that’s in your future, having a well thought out plan of attack will save you time and money in the long run. To help make your renovation go as smoothly as possible, our team put together a list of five key tips to keep your reno on track.

Research, research, research!

Before you start making any decisions take as much time as possible to do your research. Talk to any friends and family that have been through a home renovation and take advantage of the advice they might have. This is also the time to make a list of potential contractors and evaluate their services. Choosing a contractor you feel most comfortable with is your best bet for a successful end result.

Give yourself a roomy budget

Renovation budgets are incredibly difficult to stick to. Giving yourself some extra space just in case an unexpected cost comes up is always a good idea. Also, be sure you know all the costs of the materials and finishings you want to include in your space – there’s usually a big price tag attached to that countertop or lighting fixture image you had clipped from a magazine.

Set realistic expectations

You will most likely go over budget and probably not hit all your checkpoints on your timeline. That’s just something you need to accept. An intensive renovation has a lot of moving elements happening at the same time – if one item is late on delivery then it will cause something to be delayed. Go into your renovation expecting a few hiccups and then you’ll be pleasantly surprised with an error-free experience.

Think ahead

A renovation is a big investment, so when you’re making choices about your final finishes and fixtures be sure you’re thinking about how much you’ll love that feature over the next five years. Choosing something that is super trendy isn’t always the best way to go, and often the most successful renovations feature a more classic and timeless look. Remember, you can always accessorize with less expensive and non-permanent pieces.

Be confident in your choices

Finally, be confident! Just because this may be the first time you’re taking on a home renovation project it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the skill and knowledge to get it done properly. Try not to second-guess yourself on the elements you’ve chosen for your home – this is your space, and it should be a reflection of who you are.

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