Home Design Hacks | Five tips to design like a pro

Home Design Hacks | Five tips to design like a pro

Putting together the perfect space is a lot of work. Our team at Ideal Home Furnishings understands the importance of getting all the design details just right – from furniture to accessories. Pulling off a professionally designed looking space can be achieved! Follow our five pro design tips that are sure to make your space look and feel a little more complete.

Don’t be too theme-y

Picking a theme for a space is a great idea. It helps you stay on track with your purchases and ensures that there is consistency in your home. However, there’s a fine line between on-theme and cheesy! Instead of being so literal with your New York loft style, be subtle and skip the I LOVE NYC printed throw pillows. Take the more refined approach and choose urban themed art and industrial finishes. This will give a unique and chic result to your home. 

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Keep furniture away from the walls

If you have a lot of space in a room be sure to take advantage of it! Giving furniture room to breathe is something professional designers always try to do. Don’t push your furniture up against a wall; instead let them float in the space. Using this approach to furniture placement will make your room much more dynamic.

Proper rug placement

There are a few ways to properly place furniture around an area rug:

  • All on the rug: If you have the luxury of having a large space you can place all your furniture on the rug. Just make sure you’re not overcrowding the furniture.
  • All off the rug: This approach works great in a smaller space. You can create some extra design appeal with a statement rug and have your furniture frame it. However, keep in mind that a rug that’s too small may seem insignificant.
  • Just the front legs on the rug: This is method is a happy medium. Place the two front legs of the furniture on the rug so that guest’s feet reach the carpet when seated. It is recommended that there is about 12-18 inches of floor space around all sides of the rug to eliminate any feelings of clutter.  

Choose your paint colour last

The paint colour in a room can either make or break the space. You went through all that effort in choosing the perfect furniture, accessories and artwork – so, why not make sure the final colour on your walls complements everything? Choosing a room’s paint colour should be one of the final steps in the design process. Getting that perfect shade will take your space to the next level.

Layering is key

The key to a professional look in a room is layering. Designers create depth and a cohesive feel throughout a space by practicing proper layering techniques. Bring this into your home by choosing a central colour or pattern from your room’s design. If you have an interesting pattern on your walls pull that into small details or accents throughout the space - think: a few pillows, accent art, or trim on bedding. Be sure not to go overboard with this; you want to keep your layering more understated than in-your-face.    

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