Fall Cleaning | Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home This Season

Fall Cleaning | Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home This Season

The easy days of summer have officially come to an end, and that means we’re all going to be spending a lot more time indoors. To make way for the chilly months ahead, our team at Ideal Home Furnishings began to think about some easy ways we can get our homes ready for the fall season. Autumn is the perfect time to declutter your home and prepare it for the all those holiday get-togethers that are coming up. Make the most of this interior-focused time of year with a home that is organized, tidy, and a welcoming environment for your family and friends.


Swap-out summer items

Just like we store away our shovels and snow blowers at the first sign of spring, fall means that it’s time to put away our sun-loving items. Your patio furniture and all the accessories that go along with it should be stored and labeled so you can easily find them next year. If you have a shed, take full advantage of the extra space and place all your summer toys in there. Your kids’ jump ropes, scooters, and bikes may not seem like they’re taking a lot of space, but you’d be surprised at how much real estate they can take up. Putting them out of your way will help keep you organized and ensure you have easy access to your items that are tailored towards a cooler climate.


Clear flat surfaces

Spend an afternoon clearing all the flat surfaces in your home. Your coffee table, desk, and dressers…these all seem to be our favourite places to conveniently store miscellaneous items. File away important documents and do yourself a favour - shred everything else! Stacks of paper building up over busy summer months spent traveling, or just out and about, can leave you with a lot of extra clutter that will make your space feel busier than it really is. Also, remember that a kitchen table shouldn’t be your filing cabinet. Keep it clear so that it is ready for all those holiday festivities and dinner parties that are fast approaching.


Add hidden storage solutions

The winter season brings along some of our more bulky items. Cozy blankets, extra pillows, and additional indoor entertainment options will begin taking over your living space. Be proactive with keeping your home tidy by incorporating a hidden storage solution into a room that you spend a lot of time in. Think about adding a bench or coffee table with a hollow center to your living room. This versatile piece of furniture allows you to quickly toss your blankets and board games into it – something you’ll be extra thankful for when unexpected company stops by! Your room will be clutter-free in just moments.


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