Design Inspiration | What is minimalism?

Design Inspiration | What is minimalism?

If you’re looking to declutter your home and give it a clean and modern feel, then it is definitely worth exploring a minimalist approach. So, what exactly is minimalism? When it comes to décor and interior design, the rule to go by to achieve minimalism is less is more. Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a space that is boring and bare; rather, think of revamping your home with timeless furniture and simple colour palettes. Embracing minimalism will instantly update your home and will leave you with a space that is refreshed and effortlessly cool.

Here are five ways to bring minimalism into your home!

Breathing room

An efficiently planned space is an integral component of a well-designed minimalist room.  When deciding on the layout of a space be sure to give each piece of furniture plenty of breathing room. The extra space around each element in a room will give you the ideal foundation for true minimalism.

Classic furniture

Buying trendy furniture may seem like the best approach when redecorating your home, but this can actually lead to a space becoming dated again in the near future. Instead, stick to classic pieces of furniture that have simple designs and uncomplicated details to anchor your space. Also, try to choose versatile pieces that allow you to effectively use your space – remember, you don’t want too much furniture filling a room and making it feel cluttered!

Invest in high-quality materials

The plus side of not needing to fill up space with too many elements is that you can invest more into the few pieces you are purchasing. Look for furniture and décor items that are expertly crafted with high-quality materials. A simple wood feature in a room can add plenty of subtle beauty, and the same goes with rich fabrics. Use texture to your advantage here.

Control your colour palette

One of the biggest features of minimalism is focusing on an uncomplicated colour palette. Using neutrals or taking a monochromatic approach is a sure way to guarantee you’re following this essential step.

Choose one focal piece

Having one piece of furniture or a single décor element as a focal piece in a space will give plenty impact. You can break the colour palette rule here and go with a pop of colour that complements your space but also adds a little bit of intrigue. Think: one red chair in a white room, or an area rug with a splash of colour and geometric design to bring life to a wood floor. However, try not stray too far from the foundation of the design style that you have established in the space. Your focal piece should add visual interest while maintaining the cohesive feel in the room.

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