Antique vs Restored | What really is the difference?

Antique vs Restored | What really is the difference?

Staying on top of furniture trends can seem like a daunting task. Styles, colours, materials, and themes – these are all things that constantly vary in popularity. One of the biggest furniture trends we are seeing is the use of antique and restored pieces within the home. But, what’s the difference between the two? Our Ideal Home Furnishings team took a closer look at the two options and uncovered the biggest differences – find out the details below!


By definition, an antique is something that belongs to the past. When you translate this to the world of furniture, it means the piece dates back to a different period. This could be an intricate coffee table that was passed down from your great-grandmother from the early 1900’s. One of the biggest things to note is that a true antique piece hasn’t been changed or altered; therefore, it’s still in its true and original form. What makes antiques so valuable and rare is finding a piece that is still in great shape - that’s when the magic happens!


Furniture that is restored means that it has been brought back to its former or original condition. Translation: the piece has been worked on and brought back to life! There are a lot of different reasons to restore furniture. One reason is that is that certain furniture design or style is hard to find. An older sofa set that features a hand-carved wood detailing is a perfect example of this. The sofa set may be worn-out, but the frame and foundation of the piece are still there. Pieces like this are ideal candidates for restoration.  Another reason for the rise in the popularity of restored furniture is the recycling and reusing factor it presents.  Instead of tossing something into a landfill, many people would rather give the piece new life. Just like the popular saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – something someone is throwing out can be restored into a unique and beautiful piece for someone else!

What’s best for you?

Deciding between antique and restored pieces really comes down to what you are looking for in your home’s overall design story. Cost is also a big factor. Depending on which era it is from and its condition, a piece of antique furniture can be expensive. However, it could also be a great investment! Restored furniture could be less pricey, easier to find, and still provide you with that unique and vintage quality you are looking for.  There’s also more of an opportunity to make a piece your own and showcase your personal style with restored furniture. If you find the original piece of furniture that you would like to restore, you can work in the finishing elements that would best suit your space.

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