MiDi Gallery

One of Life's most precious gifts is having choice. Being free to make choices that respect your values and desires is sure to bring you great satisfaction. Like paintings revealing an artist's inner world, the choices you make in your everyday life reflect your personality. Staying true to your taste and preference is key to personalizing your home furniture in the slightest details so that each piece will reflect your lifestyle.
Established in 1989, MIDI is an important Canadian solid birch dinette and dining room manufacturer. MIDI distinguishes itself by its original contemporary and transitional designs and pledges to offer you quality furniture, rapid delivery anywhere in North America, a professional customer service, and a constantly increasing products selection.

First Step: Choose Your Style

Second Step: Choose Your Size

Third Step: Choose Your Color

Fourth Step: Choose Your Edge/Apron

Fifth Step: Choose Your Leg/Base

Last But Not Least: Enjoy Your Own Created Dinette

This is just a small sample of what MiDi has to offer, please feel free to visit our south side location if you have any inquiry about our MIDI Series. Possibilities are endless.

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