6 Drawers Lignerie Chest - Settler

6 Drawers Lignerie Chest - Settler

6 Drawers Lingerie Chest

Available in Flagship Store and Online.

Product Details

Settler Chest is a unique celebration of the late 1800s when many of the world’s great lands were being settled. This chest authentically captures the style of a modern pioneering time when the heavy furniture of the Georgian period was changing to a lighter, more country cottage style. Each chest is bench-built and hand-finished using solid reclaimed or recycled wood.

Key Feature:

  • Recycled Wood: Recycled, reclaimed wood varies in color, texture and distress. Shiplap style is created with slatted sides and top.
  • Footboard Option: Available in low profile footboard.
  • Finish: Sundried Ash Finish.
  • Care Info: Wipe with soft cloth and warm water and/or apply natural beeswax.
  • Size: 20" x 18.5" x 52".